How to add storage to PS4

How to add storage to PS4.

Storage space goes to costs with game consoles. Even if you’re more inclined to grab hard copies than download full games, spots, DLC as well as installs can fill out the conventional hard disk drive on your PlayStation extremely quickly.

On the bright side, it’s very simple to include even more storage in your console. You can either replace your current disk drive with a brand-new one or, since software upgrade 4.50, just attach an outside one.

Steps to follow.

Add an external drive

Sony collaborates with Seagate to officially license a new PS4 external  hard drive

The 4.50 software program update, which becomes available on March 9, lets you include any type of USB 3.0 hard disk drive as external storage. A few points, though:

  • The hard disk drive can be as much as 8TB in dimension
  • The hard drive must utilize USB 3.0
  • Just games, as well as applications, can be stored on the external drive– game conserves are saved on the inner drive
  • You can download and install as well as install video games as well as applications straight to your exterior storage, however, your saved documents will remain to be stored in your area on your PS4’s internal storage space.
  • All of the games and applications saved on the external drive will appear in the Content Launcher on the Home Display.


If you’d rather not fuss with an external drive, continue reading to figure out how to change the inner drive with a more recent, larger drive

Add a new hard drive

The Best PS4 Hard Drives for Your Money

If you intend to rack up a little more area, below’s just how to place a brand-new, bigger hard drive in your PS4. The whole procedure needs to take around 15 mins

A fast note before you start: You probably have some information you don’t wish to lose. If you want to keep that data– and eventually move it to the new hard disk drive– Sony describes how you can support a USB drive.

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Below are what you need

  • PlayStation 4 (duh)
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • USB flash drive (at the very least 1GB)
  • 5-inch laptop computer hard drive (below are several of our faves)
  • PlayStation 4’s most current operating software program

Replace the hard drive to add storage to PS4

  1. Disconnect your PS4 from the power supply.
  2. Eliminate either the casing on the rear if you have a PS4 Pro or the top left chassis plate on a PS4 classic.
  3. Loosen the hard drive brace. It’ll be kept in an area with a screw inscribed with the PS4 switch signs.
  4. Take out the real estate brace for the hard drive.
  5. Get rid of the 4 screws holding the drive in the brace (but see to it to keep the rubber inserts).
  6. Replace the existing hard disk with the new one, screwing it in.

Download the software

Sony Makes Available PlayStation 4 Firmware 7.50 - Download Now

  1. Download and install the operating software from the PlayStation support site on your computer system.
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer and also format it to FAT32, which will remove all the information on the drive and also enable it to be acknowledged by the console. This can be done on Windows by right-clicking the drive, picking Format, selecting the “FAT32” alternative from the pull-down menu as well as clicking the Start switch.
  3. Develop a folder on the flash drive called PS4, and a folder within that called UPDATE, both in all caps.
  4. Upload the installer documents to your flash drive, dropping them in the UPDATE folder.
  5. Connect the PlayStation back in and start it in a safe setting by holding the power switch for 8 sec.
  6. Select “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).”.
  7. Run through the prompts as well as enjoy your upgraded hard disk!

Some tips

  • There are some concerns with formatting the flash drive with the os installer in Windows 8. We butted heads keeping that ourselves and needed to utilize a computer with a different os to prepare the flash drive.
  • Mentioning problems with the flash drive, make certain it fits in the recessed USB ports on the PS4. Don’t resemble us.
  • Ensure you get hold of the full os mount and not just the upgrade to the current variation. Both documents have the same name, but the complete install will certainly be a lot larger. It’s a sneaky weblink farther down on this page that appears like this.
  • If you use a compatible drive, you won’t void your warranty.
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USING AN SSHD AND A CADDY to add storage to PS4

PS4 SSHD Upgrade - The Best Options | PS4 Storage Expert

If, after that, an SSD seems to make no visible difference beyond several secs on tons of screens, what’s the benefit of a hybrid drive?

These disks combine the substantial storage space capability of a physical hard disk drive, with a little solid-state element. The drive learns which files you make use of most and smartly places them onto the quicker industry.

We picked up Seagate’s 1TB Video game Drive for PlayStation and stuck it in a USB 3.0 room to see whether that combination made a distinction. The answer? Not really – beyond adding a far higher capacity for a whole lot less cash.

As precisely as we can determine them, load times were near similar to the SSD, and also, given that the solid-state drive needs to have been the quickest, we can not visualize the SSHD getting any type of faster even as it learns which video games are our favorites.

That was very much the same with gameplay, where there was no visible lag or bugginess on any of the drives, no matter their auto mechanics.

The only significant benefit we can consider, after that, for making use of a hybrid drive is that it integrates a huge capacity with the hardiness of flash memory, which could stand the test of time (being reconnected as well as restarting repeatedly) a little far better.

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