How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one.

Headphones are a popular gaming accessory, as they allow the player to experience superior sound quality, and that they could even be able to support in-game communication with friends.

As technology advances, wireless headphones became the newest trend within the gaming community, as they take away any restrictions caused by uncomfortable wires and open up new game-playing opportunities.

This takes playing Xbox One games to an entirely new experience level. The Xbox One is one of every of the most popular consoles out there.

However, connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One might not be as straightforward because it should appear. With a little bit of help

and advice, you’ll discover that it’s attainable to attach most Bluetooth headphones to your console with comparatively very little fuss.

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one?

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On the first review of your Xbox One, it’ll seem that you simply cannot connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One, as although your console could have a USB port it’s unable to support a Bluetooth affiliation.

Anyways, before you check out investment in another headphone set and replacing your existing Bluetooth headphones, you must look into the advice below, as we would be able to give you an answer.

Does an Xbox One have Bluetooth?

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The Xbox One console itself doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, thus you can not directly connect your headphones to your gaming console via Bluetooth.

This could appear surprising once you consider that Bluetooth could be a common wireless mode that several different gaming consoles and media devices use.

Xbox One instead has opted to use Microsoft Xbox Wireless to allow connectivity between Xbox players, thus this can be the alternative wireless choice that the Xbox One offers.

It may appear that using normal Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One is not possible, however, if you already own a Bluetooth headset and wish

to be able to use it along with your Xbox One then don’t despair, as there’s a straightforward answer that may change you to attach along with your console.

Headphones compatible with Xbox Wireless

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If you’re looking for wireless headphones for Xbox One machines that are compatible with one another, then you’ll need to purchase one which will connect with the Xbox wireless system.

These headsets aren’t that common, especially the wireless versions, however, there are a few choices out there that you just will pick from.

However, you must remember that a headset for Xbox One devices are made specifically for the Xbox, so they are unlikely to work with different console makers.

If you wish for a gaming headset that’s versatile and might be used across totally different devices then this could not be the correct selection for you.

These Xbox wireless headphones may be a more expensive selection, however, if you pick the correct set then it will provide you with a superior audio experience that nothing else offers you.

They’re additionally straightforward to attach to your Xbox device by using a stereo headset adapter, thus if you would like one thing that may provide

you with a direct connection to your Xbox then this kind of headset could be a nice selection.

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For anyone that already has a pair of Bluetooth headphones that they need to be able to use with their Xbox One, otherwise, you don’t seem to be able

to budget for a brand new Xbox One headset, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s how to attach your headphones to your Xbox One controller.

It’s necessary to notice that to attach Bluetooth to your device you’ll get to make the connection through your controller, as although the console could

have the choice to use a USB adapter, it cannot make this Bluetooth connection.

To with success link any Bluetooth headsets to your controller you’ll get to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter adapter, which can plug into the 3.5 mm audio jack found on your controller.

Some controllers won’t have this 3.5 mm audio port, thus you’ll also get to get a further adapter that contains this port and can allow the Bluetooth adapter to be connected.

Once everything is connected you’re ready to press the pairing button and connect your headphones. For a lot of help on creating a successful connection read on for a lot of detailed advice.

If you’ve got the right accessories then it should be comparatively straightforward to attach your wireless Bluetooth headphone to your Xbox One controller.

The set-up could seem large however it’s well worth the effort for the improved audio choices that this kind of headset offers.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one controllers

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To be able to successfully connect your Bluetooth headset to your Xbox One controller you must make sure you have the right Bluetooth adapter and follow these straightforward connection steps.

  • Check whether your Xbox One controller has a three.5mm audio port. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to get a game adapter that plugs into the proprietary port ( an oblong port on the bottom of the controller). This adapter can have the 3.5mm audio plug that you just got to be able to connect your headphones.
  • Connect a Bluetooth transmitter adapter to the 3.5mm port (either on to the controller or by mistreatment the game adaptor).
  • Press the trying button and pair your headphones to your Xbox controller.
  • You are currently ready to start using your Bluetooth headphones.

Can I use in-game chat with my headphones?

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Unfortunately, when using a Bluetooth headset you’ll usually notice that you just are limited to only hearing the game audio, and you will be unable to

use the headphones microphone function for in-game chat.

It’s possible to be able to get the talkback feature working through your Bluetooth connection however this may need a Bluetooth transmitter adapter to be used that allows this function.

This kind of adapter will be costly, thus be ready for it to use up your budget.

However, for people who enjoy playing Xbox One games, the choice to be able to meet up with different players and use the talkback feature is valuable.

Using certain Bluetooth headsets with the Xbox One will generally have its limitations, as the sound quality may be compromised and affect the fun you get taking part in your video games.

However, there is a variety of good quality Bluetooth headsets for Xbox One players that may provide you with a superb sound experience,

thus ensure you purchase headphones that may meet your expectations and allow you to enjoy playing your Xbox One.

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