How to Hard rest iPhone 8 and overview

How to Hard rest iPhone 8 which will be a mighty problem after you are selling it since you need to wipe all of your information.

If you know how to set iPhone to factory default, it’ll be useful after you forget your Apple ID/passcode or iPhone/iPad stuck on DFU mode/black screen/blue screen/Apple logo/reboot loop or becomes sluggish.

Here are three highly effective ways to set iPhone 8/8 plus to works settings while not passcode.

  1. factory Reset iPhone 8/8 plus while not iTunes
  2. Restore iPhone 8/8 plus in iTunes
  3. place iPhone 8/8 plus into factory Setting via Settings
  4. factory Reset iPhone eight while no password

1. Factory Reset iPhone 8/8 plus and while not iTunes

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Here could be a super straightforward technique of factory resetting your device – TenorshareReiBoot.This tool provides you a pretty easy way to reset iPhone to its factory default while not using iTunes.

Therefore, either you would like to factory reset iPhone eight before selling or fixing iOS system issues, ReiBoot offers you the easy technique to reset your iPhone.

Download and install the program on your Windows or mac then, follow the steps below to revive your iPhone eight and erase everything.

Step 1: Run ReiBoot and connect iPhone to the computer. Once your device is detected, select “Factory Reset iPhone” from the most interface.

Step 2: Then, you will enter a new screen. Click” ‘Factory Reset’ to go on.

Step 3: Now, you’ll click “Download” to download the newest firmware package online. You can also import it manually if you have got already downloaded it.

Step 4: The firmware is downloaded to the computer in minutes. When the method is completed, you’ll click ‘Start Reset’ to begin factory resetting your device.

2. Restore iPhone 8/8 plus in iTunes

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It’s always an effective solution to revive iPhone to factory settings with iTunes.

If you want to adopt this method to factory reset locked iPhone 8/8 plus without passcode, you need to be noted that this method works given that you have ever synced your device via iTunes.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC/Mac and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click summary. Choose Restore iPhone on the proper panel.

Step 3. Click “Restore” once more. Then iTunes erases your iPhone/iPad and installs the newest iOS system.

3. Put iPhone 8/8 plus into factory Settings via Settings

Of course, you’ll factory reset your iPhone/iPad while not a computer or passcode via Settings once your iDevice functions commonly.

What you need to understand is that if you don’t have the password, this method works if you have back up your device via iCloud before and have enabled notice my iPhone to permit Apple to identify your phone and you as a correct user.

Go to Settings > General > Reset. choose Erase All Content and Settings.

After finishing erasing and boot your iPhone, you’ll either choose to restore from iCloud backup or discovered a new iPhone.

4. Factory Reset iPhone eight while not password

If you forgot the iPhone passcode and cannot restore it in iTunes, you’ll need to factory reset the iPhone while no password using iPhone password unlocker 4uKey to bypass iPhone locked screen.

Using 4uKey can unlock iPhone while not password and restore it to factory default settings.

Download the newest iOS firmware file and anticipate the program to remove the password.

This iPhone password unlocked can begin resetting iPhone with the firmware file and, the lock screen password has removed using the method.

Tips: hard Reset VS factory Reset

We find many people have mistaken “hard reset” for “factory reset” or haven’t any plan of the difference between “factory reset” and “hard reset” Let’s create it clear.

“Factory reset” means that restoring iPhone to works setting after you forget your password/Apple ID or your iDevice encountered server system damage, which can erase all of your information.

“Hard reset”, .alsocalled force restart, means that hard rebooting/force restarting your device while not information loss, which is helpful for numerous iPhone/iPad stuck.

What to do if the iPhone 8 force restart doesn’t work

If your iPhone eight is frozen or bricked and a force restart doesn’t help, you continue to produce other choices before schlepping to the closest Apple Store for help.

The first is recovery mode, which needs connecting your iPhone to a mac. Plug it in with a USB or Lightning cable. Then do a force restart, but keep holding the aspect button even when you see the Apple logo on.

The first is recovery mode, which needs connecting your iPhone to a mac.

Plug it in with a USB or Lightning cable. Then do a force restart, but keep holding the aspect button even when you see the Apple logo on the screen. Eventually, you’ll see an icon telling you to attach to iTunes.

At this time, you’ll release the side button, then launch iTunes wherever you’ll either update or restore your iPhone 8’s software. Once you’re done, hold down the side button once more till the connect with iTunes icon goes away.

How to Hard rest iPhone 8

If that still doesn’t fix the matter, you’ll need to change the firmware on your iPhone eight with a tool firmware Update. Get into DFU mode, connect your phone to a computer and do a force restart.

Once the screen turns black, keep holding the side button whereas also holding down the amount Down button for five seconds. Then let go of the side button but keep pressing Volume Down for ten additional seconds.

The screen can stay black, and you’ll launch iTunes on your pc. If it worked, you must see a message that says, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. you want to restore this iPhone before it is often used with iTunes.”

once you’re done, do a force restart to come back your iPhone to regular use.

Check out the video below for more help, and if you continue to can’t get your iPhone to work, you’ll always head to the Apple Store for a few in-person support.

Bottom Line

Hope the ways of setting the iPhone to factory default will solve your drawback perfectly.

The foremost common technique is from iTunes.Once iPhone will not restore from iTunes, you’ll use ReiBoot to factory reset the iPhone to fix iOS to normal, or use 4uKey to restore iPhone eight while not passcode.




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