how to lock Facebook profile

How to lock Facebook profile.

Facebook, the most used social media apps, has launched a new safety feature for the Facebook user base. Users will lock their profile utterly with this feature, so solely friends will read their photos and posts.

The ability to lock your profile is very useful for ladies WHO need a lot of management over their Facebook expertise.

Once you alter this feature, then non-friends cannot zoom into, share or transfer your life-sized profile image or cover photo. The feature will limit the non-friends from seeing posts on the timeline.

Apart from this, any posts you just shared within the past to the general public will change to friends. Solely a little of your regarding information is going to be visible to everybody on the profile. However, if you furthermore may need to use this feature, you’ll use this text as a reference.

Previously, Facebook brought the Profile image Guard that helped users keep their profile photos secure. Currently, it’s associate with this new profile lock feature. Here may be a gradual guide you’ll follow to lock your profile on Facebook using android.

Why Is Facebook Profile Lock Feature Important?

Recently, hackers corrupted the full privacy system of Facebook. They need to take the info of Facebook users illicitly. This Facebook lock profile feature can take away such teams’ power to abuse the Facebook platform and hack people’s accounts across the world.

Not solely that, peoples ought to avoid clicking on suspicious links and also avoid acceptive friend requests from untrusted sources to support the Facebook privacy system. Facebook also introduced a Vanish mode to resolve privacy risks. This model’s special feature is that it deletes all the chats and media files when an exact amount once you activate it. It’s another vital feature. If somebody takes a screenshot of your profile, you’ll be notified regarding them in a second. Here area unit the steps to activate vanish mode.

  • Get the most recent version of Facebook from the play store.
  • Open the particular chat.
  • Swipe up from the lowest of the chat.
  • This will activate the Vanish mode. The background color of the chat changes to a black color indicating the mode is activated.

How does Facebook Lock Profile Works?

Facebook has introduced a safety feature referred to as profile lock. The feature permits users to limit access to one’s profile to people that don’t seem to be on the friends’ list.

Once a user locks his profile, other people who don’t seem to be on the friends’ list won’t see the profile. They will not be able to download profile photos and cover photos. The corporate says that users cannot conjointly see photos and posts furthermore.

Moreover, they can’t access the Stories a user puts on his profile. Additionally to the present, the Lock Profile feature also changes the posts shared within the past from Public to friends.

The timeline review and tag review also get turned on. This implies others got to take permission to tag you on their posts. Moreover, solely a little of their concerning data will be visible to everybody on their profile.

Currently, you recognize the lock your profile feature works on Facebook; let’s take a more in-depth check out the way to lock Facebook profiles on totally different platforms.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Android

How to lock Facebook profile using Android: Step-by-step guide -  Information News

Facebook automaton application makes it quite simple to lock your profile from stalkers. Here’s a gradual guide for protection Facebook profile:

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on your Profile.
  • Now tap on the three-dot menu next to the ‘Adds to Story’ section.
  • Here, you’ll realize the ‘Lock Profile’ choice. Tap on it, and you’ll be taken to the Lock Profile page.
  • Tap on the ‘Lock Your Profile button to verify.

With this, your Facebook Profile is currently locked. You can choose to unlock it by going through the same steps mentioned above.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone or Website

How to lock Facebook Profile

Sadly, there’s no such choice to Lock Profile on Facebook’s iOS application. Though there’s a workaround for it. You’ll be able to use the mobile browser to lock your profile. All you wish to try to do is follow these steps:


  • Type on your mobile browser and log into your account.
  • Then head to the Edit Profile choice.
  • There you’ll see the three-dot menu. Tap on that and go to the Lock Profile choice.

It will take you to a different page wherever it’ll you ways protection works and comes with the Lock Your Profile button at rock bottom. Click on that to lock your profile.


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