Couple in Russia Adopts Dog, Beats it to Death, and Eats it

The Russian Police are currently investigating a monstrous couple who adopted a dog from an animal shelter, then beat it to death before cooking and eating it for dinner.

The revolting doom of Nika, the friendly dog, was revealed when the shelter staff visited the woman named Galina, and her husband to check on the dog on the night of his adoption from the shelter.

The shocked staff, Ekaterina Valyus, a volunteer at the rescue shelter at Sakhalin, East Russia, said she smelt fried meat when she arrived at the couple’s home.

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“When I arrived at the house I smelled fried meat, then I noticed hair and blood on the concrete of the porch. I looked around and discovered blood stain and hair on the end of a scaffolding rod”.

“The rest was on their stove,” she said.

Prior to his adoption, Nika was filmed wagging his tail and licking the nasty couple as they happily petted and adopted him earlier that day. Revolting pictures show a big bowl of guts in the couple’s soiled kitchen among cooking pots. Other sickening images show the dog’s blood splashed in the snow outside the house, together with a puddle of urine where Nika wet itself as it died in pain.

The couple had adopted Nika as a pet hours earlier and promised to give the adorable little puppy a new home.

Initially, the couple denied that they killed the dog. However, hours later, Galina confessed to the Police that they beat Nika to death.

Dog shelter director Irina Savitskaya is demanding the couple be jailed over the ghastly event involving the dog, who had previously had a rough time on the streets before being rescued and nursed by volunteers.

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