Coronavirus in United States: 13th Case Confirmed in U.S

Since the epidemic of coronavirus, there have been more than 43,100 established cases with a total of 1,018 deaths so far.

Now, the 13th case confirmed cases of Coronavirus in United States have been reported to be diagnosed among people evacuated from China.

On Monday, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was identified among hundreds of people who were evacuated from China to military bases around the United States.

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The adult and three other evacuees had been in hospital isolation after displaying symptoms of the virus. However, the federal health officials said they had tested negative and were sent back to the base, where they united more than 200 people who are under 2-week quarantine.

Though, CDC executives reported on Monday that after additional examination, one patient out of the four that were in hospital isolation tested positive for novel coronavirus. The patient was immediately reinstated to hospital isolation.

Also still on coronavirus in U.S., a new evacuee from Miramar was placed in the hospital for assessment Monday afternoon, UC San Diego Health said in a statement, adding that both patients are responding to treatment and are exhibiting only mild symptoms.

This is the seventh confirmed case of novel coronavirus in United States, California, and the 13th in the United States.

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The coronavirus cases may increase in February, ahead of cases then start to plateau and decline over the coming months, Beijing’s top economic adviser told Reuters.

Zhong Nanshan, a leading epidemiologist recognized globally for his contribution dealing with the SARS epidemic in 2003, stated that the coronavirus epidermic in China was already indicating hopeful signs of declining, adding that the number of new cases are declining quickly.  Zhong had beforehand forecasted an increase of the coronavirus cases.

WHO Says Coronavirus Outbreak Poses a Serious Threat Globally

The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has allegedly cautioned that though most all of the confirmed cases of coronavirus are in China, the outbreak constitutes a “very grave threat” for the rest of the world.

“With 99% of cases in China, this remains very much an emergency for that country, but one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world,” Tedros stated during opening remarks of a meeting between more than 400 scientists and national authorities, Reuters reported Tuesday.

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