Coronavirus Memes

At a time like this where the entire continent is combating the global epidemic; coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it would be insensitive to joke about it, right?

Every form of activities across different nations of the world is currently on a standstill; from entertainment (movies and music) to sports. Though this isn’t the ideal time to bring on comedy, but history has it that when we are besieged with things like these and we get scared, we resort to comedy.

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As playful and as inconsequential as comedy seem, it is no doubt man’s free tactics of managing with circumstances, like the case of this present coronavirus disease that has led to thousands of deaths.

Though some jokes haven’t been funny, like jokes about scoring cheap flights to Mexico on a “coronavirus discount”?  However, some jokes are still remain hilarious in an unparalleled time like this, particularly those that borders on relationship, healthcare, our apartments. Since comedians now have no choice than to remain indoors due to the social distancing, they now take to their platforms to at least ease the tension by making light of the situation. People are now going online for entertainment.

Based on this, here are the best coronavirus memes and jokes.

Wonder woman star actress, Gal Gadot released a baffling video of all her famous friends singing “Imagine” by John Lennon on March 18. This made inspiring comedians across the country to make fun out of it.

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