Why Using Your Smartphone With One Hand Isn’t Good

Almost every adult in this computer age owns or operates a smartphone. It’s almost an anomaly to find someone who doesn’t have a smart phone. Smartphones have now surpassed the stage where phones are only used for communications alone. Now with your smart phones, you can get information online that educates you, while also keeping you entertained and updated on current happenings globally.
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However, reports from a recent study conducted by Flurry, a digital analytics firm, most people expend about 2 hours and 57 minutes on their smartphone on daily basis.
Though the importance of mobile phones cannot be emphasized, majority of people are now complaining of hand, elbow, and finger pain due to using their devices with one hand. These conditions have been referred to as “text claw” and “cell phone elbow” in non-medical terms.
So, you may be using your phone to search for health information online without being aware of the fact that your phone is causing health problems.
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A research carried out by The National Taiwan University Hospital of late established that using only one hand to operate phone can cause damage to the body. Using your mobile phone with one hand for a prolonged period of time may be convenient for you, but it leaves behind serious aches and pains.
Holding your smart phone with one hand causes the muscles to contract more and mounts pressure on one hand and the thumb. Since only one of your hands is holding your smartphone, it can lead to aches and pains. 
According to Physician Leung Wai Man, this can be avoided if we take little breaks in between using your smart phones to stretch the muscles and correct our posture. Also, to relieve the pressure caused by supporting your smartphone with one hand, it would be ideal to operate it with both hands.
Holding your smartphones with one hand can lead to conditions such as cubital tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Cubital tunnel syndrome

When you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may notice numbness and tingling in the thumb, middle and index finger. The cubital tunnel on the other hand occurs when the nerve gets pinched back behind the elbow thereby causing the small and ring finger to be numb.
Both conditions are similar since it mounts pressure on the nerve, but there is a little difference in the anatomy. However for both conditions, the pain and tingling sensation indicates that the nerve is sore from holding your mobile phones on one hand.


To prevent pains associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome due to prolonged usage of your smartphones, you should adhere to the following tips.

  • Do finger stretches
  • Apply heat and/or cold packs
  • Use a hands-free device or an earphone
  • Reduce the time on which you use your phone
  • Engage in constant positional changes
  • Use headsets when speaking on a smartphone

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