How to Attract a Man Easily Without Flirting

It’s naturally easy for some women to attract any man of their choice. However, same isn’t applicable for some other women. To get a man’s full attention without appearing to be cheap or flirting unnecessarily, you have to apply the seduction tools which men consider irresistible.

One of the secrets to make a man keep coming back to you for more is not to divulge everything to them at once.

Men love being in control of their relationship. So, they feel comfortable if they are the ones seducing the woman that captures their interest. Therefore, a woman trying to attract a man should do so without giving the man the impression that you’re actually the one doing so.

Majority of men tends to flee if women go after them, because they’ll feel tensed. They may even take gratuitous advantage of the woman and take off after their spree.

So, it isn’t a wise idea to go after a man. These are some things you should do in attracting a man you are interested in.

Tips for Attracting a Man

1. Wear Red 

You easily stand out from a crowd when you are on red gown, top, blazer, scarf, or any clothing. Red color has the tendency to draw all eyes to you. Interestingly, men typically consider the color red as a sexy or seductive color. So, you can attract a man easily without flirting by putting on a color that is totally red or has some touch of red. You can chose wear a red dress, a red blazer, or a red top or shirt.

2. Allow contact

One of the easiest ways to attract a man easily without flirting is to allow contact. This means you have to create a casual contact that offers him the opportunity to approach you, without him knowing you made the first move. A deep gaze and a smile will make him approach you easily for a conversation. During your chat, try to bond with him. Make him feel that you’re genuinely interested in what he’s saying.

Make him see you as fun to be with so that he’ll want to still keep in touch with you.

3. Don’t reveal all

During your conversation, you’ll eventually make plans to hang out or go on a date. During your date, you have to let him ‘pursue’ you.  Going out on date will help you to get to know each other more and see if you really hit it off. Don’t tell him every single detail of your life. Keeping the mystery is the key to attracting a man. A very seductive way of doing this is giving half-answers. That will keep him coming back for more.

Don’t give in to intimacy on a first date no matter the level of temptation. Playing hard to get keeps them interested and makes them yearn more for you.

4. Project confidence

Another way a woman can attract a man easily without flirting is to exude self-confidence. Men like confident and independent women because they feel they won’t meddle too much with their lives. Portraying an independent outlook will make a man want to get closer to you to deepen the bond. However, you mustn’t push him too hard, as this can scare him off.

5. Show him he can trust you

He’ll open up his secrets to you when you show him that you are a lively listener. You can surprise him easily if you know the sports, music, food, and other stuffs he likes.

6. Smile and laugh to appear attractive

You can use body language to show a guy you are interested in him without appearing flirtatious. One of such ways is to smile and laugh, not necessarily seductively. When you smile, your face appears bright, attractive, and makes it look like you are having the fun of your life.

Smiling is one of the best ways to attract a man without flirting. It makes a guy more interested in getting to know you. Always try to keep a smile on your face while you’re out alone or with friends to make you approachable not hard.

Wrapping Up

These are some simple ways you can get the man of your dreams without necessarily letting yourself loose. However, you should note that men only fall for exceptional women. It may be your smile, your body, or your lovemaking. But the fact is all of these things are inconsequential when it comes to men falling for a woman. It may not be the attributes of a woman that makes the man fall for her, but rather the way he feels about himself whenever he is around her.

So, always make your man feel good about himself in his presence or absence.

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