5 Best Exercises at the Gym to Put on Your List

Best exercises at gym

We have compiled list of some best exercises at the gym to put on your to-do list. We have done some research and spoken with four personal trainers that shared with us their believes and knowledge with us. So, even if you are new to this working out world, or you have been working for some long time, experienced or not, you should read this.

  1. Medicine-ball slams

It looks like a playtime activity for kids, but in reality, you will enable strength, power, and endurance. Also, you will increase the speed of tossing the ball, this is what personal training at South Yarra teach us.

  1. Mind-band lateral walks

This exercise may look and feel strange, but it is a perfect way to strengthen the hip, improve stability, engages deep muscles that stabilize the pelvis.

  1. Side Planks

Side planks activate your entire body and strengthen your obliques. With side planks, you will work your shoulders, lower back, outer thighs, and upper glutes. For hard training use a weight on your head and for a light one, rest on your knees.

  1. Bottoms-up kettlebell hold and press

This exercise is excellent to build shoulder strength and mobility. It is forcing you to keep the kettlebell upside down, in that way it is tightening your core.

  1. Cable face-pull

It’s an excellent exercise for the rear deltoids. For a lousy posture, it’s highly recommended because it’s correcting the rounded shoulders and the upper body.

Ben Booker from Second Chance Fitness comes with squats, burpee, push-ups, pull-ups and box jump.

  1. Squat

We do squat all the time, so the people who say that can’t squat, they’re doing without knowing when they sit down to eat or use the restroom.  Doing squats will benefit the whole body in a multitude of ways, from maintaining mobility to run faster.

  1. Burpee

Everyone should do a burpee. You do begin doing a burpee when you are a toddler because it’s basically getting down on the ground and then getting up.

  1. Push-up

For balancing the posture and creating healthy shoulders, everyone should do push-ups. You can do a regular one, on the wall, on your knees, on a box.

  1. Pull-up

For a balanced upper body, you need to pull as well. You need to learn a technique for this exercise and to have some strength and variations.

  1. Box Jump

Box jumps are a common jump variation in exercise programs. They decrease joint stress and good strength-builder. If you are a beginner, you can start with step-ups on a ledge. In time you can increase the intensity and height.

Mike Dewar from J2FIT Strength and Conditioning recommends us squats, deadlift, clean, pull-up and push press.

  1. Squat and deadlift will go hand in hand for better results. You should include both in your exercise program.
  1. Deadlift is a good exercise for building muscles and be strengthful. With this exercise, you will develop the ability to handle heavy weight. And a plus by doing that will be the boost of hormones levels and the increase muscle synthesis.
  1. Clean is part of the lifting weights exercise. We have the snatch and the clean and after that jerk. So this exercise must be learned with technique. With proper instructions, you can get down to business. Clean is the best exercise for muscle gain.
  1. Trainers once again mention pull-up. Now you must be sure that this exercise is a must.
  1. Push press is like a shoulder press, but you can use any kind of weight for this exercise like kettlebells and dumbbells.

Patrick Frost is a Nike Master Trainer, and in his opinion, a complete full-body training must have a squat, a pull, a push, an abdominal component, and a hinge.

You already know how to do a push-up, a pull-up, a hinge (that’s the deadlift), and of course the squat or the lunges. For an extra abdominal component, the burpees are perfect.

Talk with your fitness trainer and incorporate this exercise into a circuit and in one order, with no rest and ten reps of each exercise.



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