How to Break up with a Longtime Partner

How to break up with a longtime partner

If you have ever been in a long term relationship, then you would know that it can be very difficult to end the relationship. However, it may be best to break up with a longtime partner if things are not working out between you. Like the saying goes “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”.

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Ending a long term relationship is one of the hardest things to do due to the agonizing emotional torture, particularly for couples that are besotted to each other.

Different factors may cause you to end your long term relationship. Some of these factors include:

  • Infidelity
  • Constant arguments
  • Trust issues
  • Emotional and physical assault
  • Lack of affection
  • Unresolved family issues
  • Lack of excitement and fun
  • Low self-esteem
  • Incompatibility issues

In this article, we examined some things you can do to break up with a longtime partner.

How to Break up With a Longtime Partner in 7 Ways

1. Be prepared

Before venturing to confront your partner with the issue of ending your long term relationship, you have to be well prepared for the encounter. Clearly state the reasons why you feel both of you cannot continue with the relationship having come this far.

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You can arrange for place that is conducive and convenient for both of you. Avoid bringing up the issue of break up over a meal. It is a serious issue and as such should be classified as such.

2. Be straightforward

Another way on how to break up with a longtime partner is to be honest and straightforward with him or her. You don’t have to conceal the truth from them in a bid not to hurt their feelings. The truth may be bitter, but it is vital to make the other person understands why you are ending the relationship after such a long time of being together.

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3. Swap Your Things

One of the things to do when breaking up with a longtime partner is to return each other’s properties. This should be quickly and effectively done so the pain will not linger for long, but drop faster. You can leave their properties with a close friend, your doorman, or even mail it back to them to avoid any uncomfortable scenes.

4. Inform close acquaintances

It would help for you to break the news to your friends, families, and other people who may have known both of you together. You don’t have to tarnish the image of your ex before known acquaintances. Also, you can come up with something smart to say to people who have known both of you together including we “decided to move on” or “things didn’t turn out like we expected”, or even “we are no longer together”.

5. Set up a plan to manage the emotional trauma

There’s no denying the fact that after ending a long term relationship, the pain and emotional trauma of the loss will set in no matter how you try to fight it. This period can be so devastating for couples that were once so much in love.

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Avoid isolating yourself after the breakup. You can hang out more with friends, seek the counsel of a therapist, or write a letter to your ex and burn it. It is also helpful to engage in some activities that would take most of your time so that it prevents you from thinking about your ex. However, you have to take a little time to grieve over your loss so that you can begin the healing process and tell yourself that the breakup was for the best.

6. Cut off any form of contact

It may not be healthy to remain as mere friends with your ex because it may affect you when eventually they start up another relationship. Even if you must establish contact with your ex, it is not advisable to do so immediately after the breakup.

Both of you need time to be apart from each other to heal. If you refuse to cut off contact you’re your ex, the whole breakup process may not work out as expected.

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7. Don’t be hard on Yourself

Most people tend take the whole breakup thing very seriously, particularly if they are the ones who initiated the breakup. Your happiness should be paramount and keep your best interests at hand even if you need some time to be alone with yourself, friends or family to recuperate fully.

Wrapping Up

 A relationship consists of two people coming together to form a unit but not to totally drop features of their personality. When a relationship is fit and lively, there is opportunity for each person to grow and for the relationship to accommodate these changes.

However, when it is obvious that you are wasting your time with your partner, then it may be best to call it quits and move on.

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