6 Causes of Weight Gain during Menstrual Periods

causes of weight gain during menstrual periods

The causes of weight gain during menstrual periods may differ from one woman to another. It is a common phenomenon for women to experience weight gain during menstrual periods. Most women struggle to lose the extra pounds during this period. However, you can prepare yourself for the next circle by avoiding some of the causal factors of weight gain.

6 Causes of Weight Gain during Menstrual Periods

  1. Decrease in magnesium level
The magnesium levels in a woman’s body normally drops just before menstruation cycle. This can lead to lower levels of insulin, which in turn increases sugar cravings. This leads to cravings for high-sugar foods, and that can lead to weight gain before and during your periods.
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  1. Water Retention
Another major reason for weight gain during monthly periods is water retention, also called edema. It causes women to become bloated during this period. Water that is absorbed in the body from various sources during the day is retained by the body tissues during menstruation.
Edema effects the body because of severe hormonal fluctuations that occur during the periodic cycle. The main cause is the sudden decrease in the progesterone levels in the body.
  1. Polycystic Ovary Sndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects 3 out of 5 women. This makes it one of the major causes of weight gain during menstrual periods. It causes a woman’s body to produce very high amounts of male hormones. Most women with PCOs are more susceptible to weight gain during their periods. This is as a result of slow metabolism.
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  1. Premenstrual syndrome
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) starts one or two weeks before the actual period. Some symptoms of PMS includes bloating, unusual food cravings, depression, and anxiety. These result in binge eating and craving for salty and sugary foods. This causes you to gain pounds by the end and start of your period.
  1. Food Cravings
Before and during periods, there are increased cravings for food and overeating, thus leading to weight gain. The mental stress associated with your menstrual flow, causes you to consume high-sugar, and high-sodium foods. This increases water retention, which in turn increases blood glucose levels.
  1. Gut Problems
One of the causes of weight gain during menstrual periods is gastrointestinal issues. It is not uncommon to see women having issues with their gut problems like constipation, indigestion, and bloating when they are menstruating. When the digestive system does not function properly, the metabolism slows down. And, as a result, you tend to store everything you consume as fat. Moreover, the stress levels in your body increase, leading to inflammation-induced weight gain.

Wrapping Up

Weight gain during menstrual period is temporary. This is because you will always return back to your normal weight after your period. Apart from the causes of weight gain discussed above, the major factor for this problem is hormonal fluctuations. It may equally be as a result of overindulging in food, unhealthy cravings for sugar, water retention, or lack of exercise due to period cramps.
You can cut down on your intake of salty foods and drink more water to eliminate water retention. Also, avoid being inactive, you can move around and get regular exercise. You can consult your doctor for diuretics to ease water retention or magnesium prescription for bloating.

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