11 Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

There are some bad habits that can damage your kidneys which you unknowingly or even intentionally do everyday. Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the human body. Its primary function includes:
  • Helps get rid of excess water from the body and also helps to retain water when the body needs more of it.
  • It detoxify the blood and filter out waste products through the urine.
  • The kidneys help in regulating the levels of minerals like calcium and phosphate in the body.
  • Kidneys also produce essential hormones that help in regulating important functions of the body like blood pressure and production of red blood cells.
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So, it is very essential to keep the kidneys working properly. The World Kidney Day is celebrated annually on 8th March. It is a global awareness campaign targeted at raising awareness of the importance of your kidneys and kidney health to reduce the frequency of kidney disease.

Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

Here are 11 bad habits that damage your kidneys:
1. Eating Processed Foods
Processed foods are loaded with phosphorous and sodium. People who suffer from kidney disease should eliminate phosphorous in their diets. High intake of phosphorous foods like processed foods may pose a threat to the kidneys.
2. Drinking Excess Alcohol
Drinking alcohol regularly in excess quantity is one of the bad habits that can damage your kidneys. It can increase your risk of chronic kidney disease. Heavy drinkers usually have an increased risk of kidney problems. So, reduce or quit the consumption of alcohol to protect your kidneys.
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3. Insufficient Water Intake
Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration. If your body is hydrated, it helps your kidneys to clear the toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to avoid kidney stones.
4. Intake Of Excessive Painkillers
Over-the-counter (OTC) pain drugs may ease aches and pains but, it can also destroy your kidney. This can exacerbate your kidney problems if you are already suffering with a kidney disease. So, stop regular intake of painkillers.
5. Eating too Much Meat
Animal protein produces high amounts of acid in the blood after you consume meat. This can be detrimental to the kidneys and cause acidosis. Acidosis occurs when the kidneys cannot remove acid faster. Animal protein is necessary for the body but excessive consumption can be deadly for the kidneys.
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6. Excessive intake of salt
One of the bad habits that can damage your kidneys is consuming excess of salty meals and snacks. Foods high in salt are loaded with sodium, which can increase blood pressure. This can destroy your kidneys, because the kidneys need to work harder to remove excess salt. This can cause water retention in the body, which puts you at high risk of kidney disease.
7. Excessive intake of sugary foods
Also included among the list of bad habits that can damage your kidneys is consuming sugary foods in excess. Foods high in sugar contributes to obesity. Obesity increases your risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Excessive intake of sugar in foods and drinks can cause kidney disease.
8. Cigarette Smoking
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking is damaging to every organ of the body, including the kidneys. Smoking exacerbates blood pressure and heart rate and also reduces the blood flow to the kidneys.
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9. Not Urinating Often
Urination is the way through which toxins are removed from the body. If you don’t urinate often, it can be damaging to your kidneys. Holding on to urine for too long before urinating is one of the bad habits that can damage your kidneys. This can lead to formation of kidney stones and also cause kidney disease.
10. Not Treating Infections
If you are suffering with common infection, start taking antibiotics. If the infection is not treated on time, it may harm your kidneys. Also, if a viral infection is left untreated, it could damage your kidneys.
11. Lack Of Sleep
Insufficient sleep can equally affect your kidneys. Adequate sleep relaxes your brain muscles and the body. A good night’s sleep is necessary for your overall health, including the kidneys. Kidney function is regulated by the sleep-wake cycle, which helps to coordinate the kidneys work over 24 hours.


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