Why Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

Talc can be described as a mineral in clay which is mined from underground deposits. Talc has been termed the softest mineral, making it highly useful in cosmetic and industrial products.
Talc is ideal at absorbing moisture and reducing friction. This is one of the main reasons why cosmetic companies exploit it in the production of baby powder, eye shadow, blush, and other cosmetic products.
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In this article, we answered the question, why does talcum powder cause cancer? There have been apprehensions of late about whether talc found in talcum powder, could cause cancer and whether it contains a toxin called asbestos.

Why Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

Talc is mined, so is asbestos. Both minerals are often found in the same area. Every now and then, asbestos can mix up with talc during the mining process.
Asbestos can increase the risk of cancer in people who inhale in during usage. As such, cosmetic companies are expected to examine the mining sites carefully and test their talc for asbestos before using it to manufacture products for consumption.
Researchers have found that people who inhale talc that contains asbestos are more prone to developing cancer, particularly if it’s an everyday occurrence. According to the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer, asbestos has been listed as a cancer-causing agent.
However, there has been growing alarm over talc without asbestos, particularly since it is used on babies. Scientists are now wondering if you can get lung cancer from inhaling talcum powder regularly.
Since there’s no evidence to show that a person is more likely to develop lung cancer from using baby powder or any cosmetic talcum product that can be inhaled easily.
However, several studies show a slightly higher risk in people who are involved in talc mining and processing. Though it’s not clear whether this is as a result of the mineral or other things underground known to cause lung cancer. Also, people have also been wondering if women can get ovarian cancer from use of talcum powder regularly on their genitals. Now, a study of more than 250,000 women between 1976 and 2017 found no link between women’s use of talcum powder on their genitals and ovarian cancer. Research is still ongoing into the issue to find out if talc exposes some people in certain age group.
There has been thousands of lawsuits from companies that produce talc-based powder over the alleged cancer-causing properties in their products.

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