What Kind of Wine Can A Pregnant Woman Drink?

To best answer the question, what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink? It is best to stick to the non-alcoholic wines during pregnancy for the sheer fact that your baby is still unable to process the alcohol.
Can a pregnant women drink wine? What kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink? These are some of the major questions bothering pregnant wine lovers. They want to know if it is possible to still indulge without risking the lives of their unborn child.
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There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, but for the purpose of this article, we examine how safe it is for pregnant women to drink alcoholic wine from scientific viewpoint.
It’s no longer news that the intake of alcohol is unsafe during pregnancy, but what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink? And can pregnant women drink alcohol in moderation or on occasional basis? 

What Kind of Wine Can a Pregnant Woman Drink? – What Science Says

Most wines, particularly the red wine contains alcohol which immediately gets into the blood when consumed. According to the CDC, there is no amount of red wine that is considered safe to consume during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman drinks wine, the alcohol is being passed to the fetus through the umbilical cord. Since the fetus isn’t fully developed to digest the chemical, this in turn affects the baby.
The regular consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is harmful for both mother and her unborn child. When a pregnant woman drinks wine, the alcohol in the mother’s bloodstream passes to the baby through the umbilical cord, thereby triggering pregnancy-related issues such as preterm birth, stillbirth, and other complications.
The question ‘what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink’ is still vague due to contradicting evidences and reports. Wines contain some amounts of alcohol. Research indicates that pregnant women stand the risk of losing their babies or risk the child growing up with birth defects if alcohol is ingested during pregnancy.
However, a 2013 study involving 7,000 ten-year- children saw no proof of adverse effects among the kids whose mothers drank wine moderately, which is about seven or fewer drinks on weekly basis during pregnancy. 
Also, a different 2010 study examined newborns of mothers who drank wine and other alcoholic drinks while pregnant. The research team observed these babies until they attained 14 years to ascertain how many had behavioral problems. The research team saw no difference between the children of women who took no alcohol and those who did till the age of five. However, after age 5, the researchers noticed that the behavioral problems across groups dropped evenly.
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So, to answer the question ‘what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink’? Let’s consider the drinking pattern of pregnant women before now. Most babies born before the discovery of the harmful effects of drinking wine and alcohol during pregnancy exhibited no symptoms of birth complications or neurological disorders despite the fact that the moms took alcohol while pregnant.

Challenges with Knowing if it is Safe for Pregnant Women to Drink Wine

There are various problems attached to accurately answering the question ‘can pregnant women drink wine?’
  • One of the constraints of carrying out studies to show if pregnant women can drink wine is how to get the study participants. It is always problematic for researchers to rely on women to volunteer whether or not they drank wine while pregnant, the quantity they drank, and the frequency of consumption. Drawing conclusions from self-reporting is very is a very erratic method of amassing correct facts. There are high chances of the volunteers not being truthful about drinking wine during pregnancy.
  • Another problem affecting the clear answer to the question ‘what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink’ is the issue of carrying out a random placebo experiment. This is like the best way for achieving accurate results on how safe it is for pregnant women to drink wine. This is to say, it wouldn’t be ideal for the research team to give wine to a pregnant woman and place others on sober, then wait for results on the babies after they put to birth.
  • Furthermore, the fact that light or moderating drinking of wine during pregnancy doesn’t detect any fault doesn’t statistically mean that there are entirely no risks.  

Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine?

Health experts are still pondering on the issue of light or moderate drinking of wine during pregnancy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), since there is yet no precise safe quantity of wine or alcohol consumption during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant, it is best to stick to totally dry pregnancies. This means, it is best to abstain from wine until after delivery.
However, this ban isn’t going down well with some people, particularly the pregnant wine-lovers. Some obstetricians advise self-restraint from wine and alcohol until after childbirth, adding that if you must drink wine while pregnant, then it is best to do so on rare occasions and in minute quantity.
Some studies point out that it is okay for pregnant women to drink alcohol on occasional basis, but these studies have defects and don’t always show the real dangers involved.

Wrapping Up

To best answer the question, what kind of wine can a pregnant woman drink? It is best to stick to the non-alcoholic wines during pregnancy for the sheer fact that your baby is still unable to process the alcohol content in red wine or other kinds of alcoholic wines.
There is no accurate way of establishing if pregnant women can drink wine either lightly or moderately. In a nutshell, drinking wine during pregnancy can affect some women, while others remain unaffected, including their babies. It is best to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy.
However, if you must drink wine when pregnant, confer with your doctor first to ascertain if you have any underlying medical condition that may be exacerbated by drinking wine.

Safe and Unsafe Drinks for Pregnant Women

Can Pregnant Women drink Cold Water?
Pregnant women can drink cold water as it has no risks and it is completely safe. Your body still keeps doing things it was used to before the onset of pregnancy since it is merely an extension of the physiological body. Pregnant women who were drinking cold water before pregnancy can as well continue during pregnancy.
Can Pregnant Women Drink Green Tea?
There is no medical report that discourages pregnant women from drinking green tea. So, you can drink a cup of green tea during pregnancy. However, ensure you don’t drink it in excess quantity since green tea contains some level of caffeine, depending on the brewing type.
Can Pregnant Women Drink Lemon Water?
Yes. Pregnant women can drink lemon water provided they don’t consume it in excess quantity. Drinking lemon water during pregnancy on rare occasions is beneficial for both mother and child. However, excess drinking of lemon water can lead to detox which is harmful to you and your baby.
Can Pregnant women Drink Coffee?
Yes, pregnant women can drink coffee. However, your consumption of coffee shouldn’t exceed 200mg of caffeine daily.

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