Best Substitute for Coffee When Pregnant

What is a Good Substitute for Coffee?

Some of the best substitute for coffee when pregnant includes golden milk, matcha tea, kombucha, pomegranate juice, wheatgrass juice, nutty smoothies, and mushroom tea.
Coffee has been the morning beverage for years now across every nations of the world. However, some persons have chosen not to consume coffee for different motives. Coffee is high in caffeine, with about 95 mg per serving. Excessive intake of caffeine can lead to nervousness and agitation.
Instead of gulping down cup after cup of caffeine in the morning, here are some best substitute for coffee that is interestingly yummy.

9 Best Substitute for Coffee

1. Golden Milk
Golden milk is one of the best milk alternative for coffee. Golden milk, produced from turmeric, is a rich beverage that is prepared using stimulating spices such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper. You can also integrate honey, cardamom, and vanilla to spice up golden milk.
Turmeric milk contains potent anti-inflammatory properties and attractive golden color.
To prepare golden milk:
  • Add 1 cup (237 ml) of milk or a non-dairy alternative with 1/2 teaspoon of ground turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon of ground ginger and a pinch of black pepper in a sauce pan.
  • You can add honey to taste.
  • Warm the mixture on low heat and stir continuously to avoid burning.
  • Pour the drink into a mug and drink.
2. Matcha Tea
Matcha tea is also one of the best substitute for coffee that comes with a characteristic fresh earthy flavor. Matcha tea is a green tea prepared by steaming, drying and grinding the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant into a fine green tea. You can also consume the whole leaf of this plant as it is loaded with antioxidants. Green tea has also been linked with reduced weight and body fat, as well as a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
To prepare matcha tea:
  • Use a fine mesh strainer to sieve 1–2 teaspoons of matcha powder
  • Add hot water with temperature should be around 160–170°F (71–77°C).
  • Stir slowly until the powder is dissolved, then whisk back and forth.
  • Once a light froth forms, it indicates that the Matcha tea is ready for consumption.
  • You enjoy by adding 1 cup of steamed milk or a non-dairy alternative for a creamy matcha tea latte.
3. Chicory Coffee
Chicory coffee can be roasted, ground, and brewed into a delectable hot beverage, making it a good substitute for coffee. It is akin to coffee in taste but doesn’t contain caffeine. Chicory coffee can aid digestion by encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacili. Consuming this coffee can also help in digesting fat because it can stimulate gallbladder to create more bile.
To prepare chicory coffee, simply brew it like regular coffee grounds  in a filter coffee maker, French press or espresso machine. You can use 2 tablespoons of grounds for every 6 ounces (180 ml) of water, or adjust this ratio based on your liking.
Chicory root should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women as it may cause digestive symptoms in some people.
4. Kombucha
Kombucha is also one of the best substitute for coffee that is created by the fermentation process of black tea, bacteria, yeast and sugar. The fermentation process gives rise to a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Animal and test-tube studies show that kombucha may boost immune system, enhance cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels in diabetics. It is not advisable to make kombucha on your own because it can easily be tainted by harmful pathogens. However, the different kombucha varieties available commercially pose no health risk.
5. Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate juice is arguably one of the best substitutes for coffee when pregnant. Pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidant and comes with a sweet and tangy taste, making it a yummy energy booster which you can effortlessly integrate into other beverage recipes. You can sip the juice on its own, or merge it together with other fruit juices or in a smoothie.
6. Reishi Mushroom Tea
Reishi mushroom tea is one best milk substitute for coffee. This tea is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, the soft, flat reishi mushroom makes for one reviving and libation.
To prepare white and Foster, simply combine 1/3 ounce of chopped or powdered reishi mushroom with 3 cups of water. Allow it to boil and simmer for half an hour before consuming it in doses.
7. Wheatgrass Juice
Wheatgrass juice is one best coffee alternative that is a natural energizer with loads of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Wheatgrass is one of the most nourishing juices as it can easily be digested and absorb by the body. You can consume wheatgrass juice alone or combined with protein drink for best effect.
8. Nutty Smoothies
Nutty smoothies are rich in protein and fiber, making one best substitute for coffee when pregnant. According to certified nutritionist Angela Pifer, smoothies made using ingredients like cashew milk, protein powder, and nut butter help elevate your blood sugar levels.
9. Chai Tea
Chai tea is also a good substitute for coffee. This black tea is combined with strong herbs and spices. Black and green teas are both made from the Camellia sinensis plant, however, black tea undergoes a fermentation process, which transforms its chemical structure. Both types contain strong antioxidant properties.
To prepare Chai tea:
  • Crush 4 cardamom seeds, 4 cloves and 2 black peppercorns.
  • Combine 2 cups (474 ml) filtered water, a 1-inch (3 cm) slice of fresh ginger, 1 cinnamon stick and the crushed spices in a saucepan.
  • Allow the mixture to a boil before removing it from heat.
  • Add 2 single-serving black tea bags and let steep for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into two mugs and consume
To prepare Chai tea latte, simply follow the steps above but use 1 cup (237 ml) of milk or your favorite non-dairy alternative instead of water.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best coffee alternatives that you can try and most of these alternatives contain herbs and spices which are rich in antioxidant and probiotics. These drinks are come with very easy method of preparation. So, instead of gulping down cups of coffee on daily basis, you can opt for any of these drinks while still enjoying its nutritional benefits.

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