How to Burn Calories without Working out

It is possible for you to burn calories without working out by simply engaging in simple lifestyle changes. You don’t only burn calories when you engage in strenuous exercises or when you hit the gym.
For you to burn calories without working out, you increase your NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT is a term used to describe all of the movement that isn’t energetic enough to be termed workout.
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Studies have found that NEAT plays a major role in determining whether or not you lose or gain weight. However, NEAT may affect your risk of obesity.
So, you can burn calories without working out with NEAT and the number of calories burned from NEAT can vary from one individual to another. However, a person can burn op to 2000 calories on daily basis.
In this article, we examined how to burn calories without working out by inculcating some simple lifestyle changes.

How to Burn Calories without Working out

Burn Calories at Sedentary Jobs
Sitting all day and staring at your computer either in your office or at home may not necessarily be the major cause of obesity, but it contributes to weight gain in some cases. Several studies indicate that people who are obese could burn extra 350 calories on daily basis provided they take on the NEAT habits of their lean counterparts.
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It is advisable for people who do sedentary jobs to leave their seat and walk around every at least after every 20 minutes. You can utilize an activity tracker that will signal you at the exact time.
Burn Calories While Relaxing
You can still burn calories while relaxing in front of the TV set by performing full exercise on your couch to burn about 200 calories. You can also add some simple chores including sweeping the floor or dusting the furniture while watching the television. The exercise will enhance the rate at which you burn calorie and will also make you consume less while sitting before your TV set.
Burn Calories with the Kids
You can help prevent your kids from having childhood obesity by encouraging them to increase their every day routine. On how to burn calories without working out, you can walk your kids to school or to the bus stop. If you drive your children to school, it would help if you park at a distance and chat with them while walking them down.
Burn Calories with Household Chores
You can equally burn calories without working out by doing some household chores. You can burn 150-200 calories per hour by engaging in house cleaning including sweeping the floor, moping, cleaning the garage, gardening, arranging your wardrobes and closets, and others.
So, you can tidy up your home to increase your NEAT, while concurrently burning calories without working out.
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Additional Tips on How to Burn Calories without Working out

To burn calories without working out, it would help to integrate more physical activities into your daily routine. Examples of some things you can do include:
  • Take a 5 minutes break after 30 minutes of staring at your computer to stretch and walk around
  • Change your normal walking steps to brisk walking no matter how short the distance you need to cover is
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • You can opt for a standing desk for office use
  • Park at the far end of the parking so you can do some brisk walking to your destination
  • When making or receiving calls lift light weights with your free hand or pace around
  • You can have meeting with your colleague while walking instead of sit-down meeting

Wrapping Up

For you to lose a substantial amount of fat and water weight, you have to engage in regular workouts. However, hitting the gym isn’t the only way you can burn calories. To confirm if NEAT can help you burn calories, you can use an activity monitor to keep track of your daily activities. This can present a general estimate of the calories you burn carrying out your daily chores but without working out.

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