How to Lose Weight When Diabetic and for Men

How to Lose Weight When Diabetic and for Men

People with diabetes find it tasking to regulate blood sugar levels, and this may increase the possibility for developing some complications over time. Diabetics find it extra hard to lose weight easily and opting for the wrong diet can be very detrimental to your health as it can aggravate your condition. Also, ensure you avoid some weight loss pills and starvation diets if you are a diabetic.
Conversely men also find it challenging to lose weight, particularly when it comes to the issue of meal portion size. Obese or overweight men tend to overindulge simply because that’s the actual meal size offered, even though it isn’t necessary to consume more food, they still keep eating anyway.
In this article, we examined:
  • Best diet to lose weight for diabetics
  • Best diet to lose weight for men
  • Best diet to lose weight and gain muscle

How to Lose Weight When Diabetic

Some of the best diet to lose weight for diabetics includes fruits, vegetables, lean protein, high-fiber, less processed carbs, low-fat dairy and vegetable-based fats. Work with your dietitian or doctor to plan out the best diet you can undertake to lose weight. Also, it is essential to curb your intake of carbohydrate foods if you have diabetes. The American Diabetes Association compiled a broad list of the best foods for diabetics.
Some of the best diets to lose weight for diabetics include:
1. The Mediterranean diet
The Mediterranean diet is one of the best diet to lose weight when diabetic and for men that originated from the Mediterranean countries including Morocco, Italy, and Greece. The Med diet contains a fatty acid called oleic acid that naturally occurs in animal and vegetable-based fats and oils. Consuming the Mediterranean diet can help lower fasting glucose, which may in help in lowering fasting glucose levels, and helping diabetics to lose weight.
Some of the best Mediterranean diet to lose weight when diabetic includes:
  • Plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables like artichokes and cucumbers, beans, nuts, seeds
  • Protein: poultry, salmon and other fatty fish, eggs
  • Healthy fats: olive oil, nuts such as almonds
2. Vegetarian and vegan diet
The vegetarian and vegan diets are among the best diets to lose weight when diabetic. Some diabetics consume vegetarian diets which exclude meat but include animal products like milk, eggs, or butter. Vegans excludes the consumption of meat or any other type of animal product, milk, gelatin, or honey. Some of the best vegetarian and vegan diet to lose weight for diabetics includes: whole grains, beans, soy, fruits, dark, leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts.
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3. The paleolithic (paleo) diet
The paleo diet involves eating foods consumed during the early era by our ancestors. This is because it is believed modern foods are responsible for chronic disease.
Some paleo diet to lose weight when diabetic includes:
  • Protein: meat, poultry, fish
  • Plant-based foods: non-starchy vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts (excluding peanuts)
  • Healthy fats: olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil
Paleo diet is ideal to lose weight when diabetic provided the person has no kidney disease complications.
The DASH diet plan
The Dietary approach to stop hypertension (DASH) diet plan was initially developed to help prevent high blood pressure (hypertension), but it may also reduce the risk of other diseases, including diabetes and may also help diabetics to lose weight.
People on the DASH plan are advised to cut down portion sizes and consume foods rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
Some DASH diet to lose weight for diabetics includes:
  • plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds
  • grains: whole grains
  • healthy fats: vegetable oils
  • lean protein: fish, poultry
  • dairy: fat-free or low-fat dairy products
Diabetics on DASH diet plan for weight loss are advised to cut down on their consumption of sodium, red meats, sugary beverages, and sweets.

Best diet to lose weight for men

Men who engage in strenuous workouts on daily basis but still consume unhealthful diet will definitely not achieve any weight loss. When trying to lose weight, it is essential for men to avoid the intake of refined sugars and processed foods because the body stores them as fat. Instead, go for fruits, fresh vegetables, protein and healthy fats as these foods will help you lose weight and gain muscle mass.
Some best diet to lose weight for men includes:
  • Whole grains: These include brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, or barley
  • Legumes: These are foods like beans, green peas, black beans, chickpeas, or black-eyed peas
  • Lean cuts of beef: Filet mignon or flank steak
  • Poultry: Chicken or turkey breast
  • label if you are watching your salt intake
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables: Inclusing broccoli, Kale, or spinach
  • also known as “good fats”
  • Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon or tuna
  • Lowfat Greek yogurt that are low in sugar
  • Cottage cheese
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Best Diet to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

The right diet coupled with regular workouts can help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. Foods that are high in protein can help you lose weight. Note that if your goal is to gain lean muscle, then it is important to focus more on intake of more calories and on regular exercises.
Now let’s examine some best diet to lose weight and gain muscle mass.
1. Lean Beef
Lean beef contains minerals, B vitamins, creatine, and protein, making this food one of the best diets to lose weight and gain muscle. Research has established that eating lean red meat can boost the quantity of lean mass gained particularly with weight training. Ensure that the lean beef you consume does not contain extra calories and supports muscle gain.
2. Eggs
Eggs are rich in protein which contains amino acids, making them one of the best diets to lose weight and gain muscle. The amino acid called leucine is essential for muscle gain. Apart from amino acids, eggs are equally rich in healthy fats, B vitamins and choline.
3. Soybeans
Soybean is one of the best diets to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Soybeans are rich in phosphorus, vitamin K, and iron. In half a cup (86 grams) of cooked soybeans, you can get 14 grams of protein, unsaturated fats and several vitamins and minerals.
4. Beans
Beans is perhaps one of the best diet to lose weight and gain muscle that anyone can consume. Beans come in diverse varieties including kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans. Beans are also rich in fiber and B vitamins, making them a nutritious plant-based protein to integrate into your diet to help build muscle mass.
5. Protein Powders
Dietary protein powders including casein and whey protein, are some of the best diets to lose weight and gain muscle that have proven to be very effective. People struggling to lose weight should trying adding protein shakes into their meal. you struggle to get enough protein from foods alone, you could consider adding protein shakes to your daily routine.

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

There are some classes of foods that diabetics and people who want to lose weight should strictly avoid. Consuming these foods can lead to spikes in blood sugar or contain unhealthy fats.
Some foods diabetics and others should avoid for lasting weight loss results include:
  • Full-fat dairy
  • Refined flour foods
  • Processed grains
  • Foods with high glycemic index
  • Fruits with added sweeteners, including apple sauce, jam, and some canned fruits
  • Fried foods or foods high in trans fats or saturated fats

Wrapping Up

Apart from eating the right meal to lose weight when diabetic, it is best to undergo regular workouts, as it can help in treating diabetes and in lowering your blood sugar. There are loads of other foods that can help you gain lean muscle. Most of them are rich in protein and allow your muscles to build and recover after exercise.
If you are gaining unnecessary weight, it is advisable to confer with your doctor or dieticians on the most suitable nutritional requirements for your weight loss routine.

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