Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs

Ryerson University, known as RU for short in Canada, is currently welcoming applications for its “Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs.” 


Now, the Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs are scholarship programs by Ryerson University that provide financial assistance to International students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree program at the University. 

Managed and sponsored financially by Ryerson University, this scholarship award is limited and so is awarded based on academic merit, especially to academically versatile students. 

Application Starts: Currently ongoing 

Deadline: Varies 

Course Starts: Varies 

Duration of Award: Varies 

Number of Awards: Limited 

Field of Study: Any accredited Bachelor’s degree coursework offered at the University 

Degree Type: Bachelor’s degree 

Country of Study: Canada 

Host Institution: Ryerson University

Name of Award: Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs

Institution of Study: Ryerson University

Offered Annually: Yes

Target Demographic: International students 

Eligibility Criteria for the Ryerson University Scholarship Award 

To be considered for the Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs scholarship award, applicants must: 

° must be an international student, who are particularly qualified for the offer 

° must have graduated from secondary school/high school at the time of the application 

° must meet up with the application requirements, and deadlines 

Ryerson University Scholarship Worth/Inclusions 

As it were, this scholarship award is awarded to a varying number of International students. Ideally, it is worth up to $1800, that is, between $1500 and $1800 US dollars. 

How to Apply 

To apply for the Ryerson University (RU), Canada Scholarship programs, applicants are required to visit the university’s official scholarship website to access more details on the application. And, of course, the online application form. 

Link to the Scholarship Website: https://ruc.dk/en/step-5-tuition-fees-tuition-fee-waivers-and-scholarships

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