International Accommodation Award

Aberystwyth University, a prestigious University in the United Kingdom, is currently welcoming applications for its “International Accommodation Award.” 

Short Description 

The International Accommodation Award is a scholarship program awarded by Aberystwyth University. 

It offers annual financial support in form of accommodation to a varying number of international students who wish to pursue either a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Ph.D. degree at the University. 

Application Starts: Varies 

Deadline: 1st of October 2022 

Course Starts: 2022 

Duration of Award: Not specified 

Number of Awards: a varying number of international students to be awarded 

Degree Type: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees 

Country of Study: the United Kingdom 

Host Institution: Aberystwyth University

Name of Award: International Accommodation Award

Institution of Study: Aberystwyth University

Target Demographic: International students from around the world 

Eligibility Criteria for the International Accommodation Award

To be considered for the Aberystwyth University’s International Accommodation Award, applicants must: 

° must be an international student who has gotten an offer for admission to the university 

Scholarship Worth/Inclusions

This scholarship award is worth up to a £2,000 discount to be awarded towards accommodation. 

How to Apply 

Use the link in the next paragraph to access the online application form. All the best. 

Link to the Scholarship Website:

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