Distell Students Internship Programme

Distell is currently welcoming applications for its “Distell Students Internship Programme.” 

Short Description

The Distell Students Internship Programme is an internship program awarded by Distell in South Africa. 

It promises to offer up to a one-year internship program to a varying number of students to enable them to acquire the necessary skills and work experience they will need in their future career goals. 

Application Starts: Currently open 

Deadline: 1st February 2022 

Course Starts: 2022 

Duration of Award: up to one year 

Number of Awards: a varying number of students to be awarded 

Degree Type: Internship, Training 

Country of Internship: South Africa 

Host Institution: Distell

Name of Award: Distell Students Internship Programme

Institution of Study: Not defined 

Target Demographic: Students from around the world 

Eligibility Criteria for the Distell Students Internship Programme

To be considered for the Distell’s Distell Students Internship Programme, applicants must: 

° must, first and foremost, be either a student or a graduate who wish to improve their skills and work experience 

° must have the willingness to travel 

° must possess good communication skills in both spoken and written English 

Ps: Check out the Distell website for more important details on application criteria. 


This award is worth up to a one-year internship. 

How to Apply 

Secure a slot for yourself by visiting the Distell website and filling out the application form. All the best. 

Link to the Internship Website: https://careers.distell.co.za/content/Internships/?locale=en_GB

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