Port Forwarding: overview

Before engaging in port forwarding, I want to clarify a few basic networking concepts. Each device linked to a network includes an exclusive identifier – the Ip. This address is utilized to identify and talk to the device.

Think about your home network. You almost certainly could have a router set up which is linked to the network of the web Service Service provider (ISP) such as example Verizon or Comcast.

The router comes with an IP address – a distinctive general public IP used to recognize the device and also to talk to the web. You connect various products to the router – either using an ethernet wire or using wi-fi. Perform the unit have its own Ip? Yes, they do.

However, they are personal addresses, indicating these addresses are accustomed to identify the gadget within your home network. These IP addresses are different from the public IP address of your router and devices outside your home network cannot communicate with your devices using just the private IP address.


When one of the devices wants to communicate with the internet (devices outside your home network), the router replaces the private Ip with its public Ip for outgoing visitors and replaces the general public address with the precise private Ip for all incoming visitors. This mapping is named Network Address Translation (NAT).

Let’s have a closer consider the device, express a laptop, linked to the router. It might be running multiple solutions or procedures, e.g., SQL server, git server, TCP, FTP, etc. As these devices require a unique identifier Just, each ongoing service needs to be determined to allow communication.

Port numbers assist in identifying the ongoing solutions. Every time an ongoing service must communicate, the port quantity helps identify the proper destination/source on these devices and helps in suitable data transfer.

Putting it simply, IP address may be the address of these devices in the network whereas slot may be the address of something on these devices. The combination of Ip and the port quantity enables conversation by identifying the resource/destination of a specific service on a specific device.

The majority of the popular solutions possess a default port connected with it, e.g., slot 80 for HTTP, slot 443 for HTTPS, slot 25 for SMTP, slot 20 for FTP, etc.


What Is Port Forwarding? - A Beginner's Guide for 2019

When talking about computer networking, port forwarding, which also can be known as port mapping is a translation of an applied network address that redirects a communication request from one port number and address combination to another while the packets are traversing a network gateway, such as a router or firewall.


Port forwarding is a great way to preserve community IP addresses. It could protect servers and customers from unwanted access, “hide” the ongoing services and servers on a network and limit the usage of and from a network. Port forwarding is definitely transparent to the end-user and adds an extra layer of security to networks.

In short, port forwarding is utilized to keep undesirable traffic off networks. It also allows network administrators to use one IP address for all external communications on the Internet while dedicating multiple servers with different IPs and ports to the task internally. Port forwarding is at the same time very useful for users of the home network who wish to run a Web server or gaming server on one network.

The network administrator can set up a single public IP address on the router to translate requests to the proper server on the internal network. By using only one IP address to accomplish multiple tasks-and dropping all traffic that is unrelated to the solutions offered at the firewall-the administrator can hide from the outside world what solutions are operating on the network.

Real-Life Example of Port Forwarding

Let’s claim you call an organization and want to talk to the sales division only. The auto-attendant will request your request and tell you to press a specific number like 100 to connect your telephone to the sales division. The phone has done the job by redirecting your call to the sales division.

Likewise, your network works in the same way. In a network, your friend contacts you through an external IP address and sends a request to the router. The router will send out or receive the demand to your Ip that is previously configured for port forwarding.

The router shall just consider the port amount and send the demand to the computer. In a network, the Ip address is almost the same as a telephone number, and the interface number is comparable to an extension. The telephone is normally represented by The router, and the computers within the network represent different departments or extensions.

Port numbers are connected with an Ip always, and they have a distinctive identifier number. An objective is acquired by An Ip, but the port can be used by its number to determine what the purpose is, whether using a remote control desktop or using the HTTPS web page. Port numbers range between 0 to 65535.

Is Port Forwarding Safe for Me?

Port forwarding allows exterior computers for connecting to your personal computer within an exclusive network.
This does sound protected because you are configuring the router and feeding it a particular port number.
Forwarding a slot to an Xbox or PlayStation is safe. Port forwarding a protection camera or pc is safe but has low dependability also.
Your personal computer is safe from external threats while port forwarding if you work with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10. Why do you request? They have in-built firewalls for safe port forwarding.

Below, I will tell you which devices are safe for port forwarding.

  • Xbox: Safe
  • PlayStation: Safe
  • Computer: Safe but low risk of threats. Hackers and ISPs can intrude on your computer too if you are opening ports and allowing external devices to connect.
  • Security Camera: Safe but low risk of threats. Hackers can also penetrate your security camera in this way because you are opening ports.

How to Configure Port Forwarding on your router

In this section, we will clarify how to configure your router for sending the incoming requests directly to your computer.
Always remember that different brands have different configuration pages so don’t be concerned about the interface.
Below, find a short guide on how to ahead ports on your router:

  1. On your web browser, enter the IP address of the router.
  2. Enter the admin credentials.
  3. Search for the Port Forwarding or Forwarding section.
  4. Click on Configure Port Forwarding.
  5. Enter the IP address of your device in the right box.
  6. In the boxes, add the TCP and UDP ports.
  7. Once done, simply restart your router.

How to Check the IP address on your Router:

Try these steps, If you don’t know how to check the IP address of your router from your PC, phone, or tablet.

  1. Type Control Panel from the search bar.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. On the Network and Internet category, choose “View network status and tasks”.
  4. Click the name of your internet connection.
  5. Now choose Ethernet > Details.
  6. The IPV4 Default Gateway is your router’s IP address.

Do Modern Gamers Forward Ports?

Some gamers ports to make a stable reference to a server forward. For instance, in case you are a gamer who would like to use a P2P server to set up files or updates, then port forwarding can connect your computer or console to the overall game server directly.

Also, forwarding ports is most beneficial for you if you would like to send or receive files from your own friend’s computer. In this real way, any game could be played by you on a separate server.

Using a VPN for Port Forwarding

To create a long story short, there are some risks of slot forwarding. If you are opening ports, then you are opening direct lines for hackers and malware attacks in a way.

That’s why you must take safety precautions when you are slot forwarding devices. This is where a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, becomes helpful.

Using PureVPN to get forwarding ports is safe because you are building a secure internet connection between two products with an added security coating.

Plus, you can encrypt internet visitors with a VPN connection on your own network, and hackers won’t penetrate the gadgets easily. Also, you can install games and torrents with a VPN connection as they provide P2P servers faster.




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