Twinkling Black Holes Reveal an Invisible Cloud in Our Galaxy

“The rationale that speedy variability is attention-grabbing is as a result of it is often an indication of one thing excessive happening,” says Murphy. Detecting excessive occasions can imply recognizing hidden supernovae or catching close by stars releasing flares so … Read more

Scholars of outstanding promise | EurekAlert! Science News

Every so often the work of an early career researcher becomes so important, it captures the attention of their professional peers. Recognizing these young “scholars of outstanding promise,” the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards Sloan Research Fellowships to support their … Read more

Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of ‘super-Earths’

Mini-Neptunes and super-Earths as much as 4 occasions the dimensions of our personal are the commonest exoplanets orbiting stars past our photo voltaic system. Till now, super-Earths have been considered the rocky cores of mini-Neptunes whose gassy atmospheres have been … Read more

Quantum causal loops | EurekAlert! Science News

Causal reasoning is ubiquitous – from physics to drugs, economics and social sciences, in addition to in on a regular basis life. At any time when we press the button, the bell rings, and we expect that the urgent of … Read more

A new tool in the search for axions

Researchers from the international BASE collaboration at CERN, Switzerland, which is led by the RIKEN Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory, have discovered a new avenue to search for axions–a hypothetical particle that is one of the candidates of dark matter particles. The … Read more

How Universes Might Bubble Up and Collide

What lies past all we are able to see? The query could seem unanswerable. However, some cosmologists have a response: Our universe is a swelling bubble. Exterior it, extra bubble universes exist, all immersed in an eternally increasing and energized … Read more

CHEOPS finds unique planetary system

Musical notes that sound nice collectively can kind a concord. These notes are often in a particular relationship with one another: when expressed as frequencies, their ratios lead to easy fractions, reminiscent of four-thirds or three-halves. Equally, a planetary system … Read more