Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Is Hot In AI, But Getting A Cooler Reception For Self-Driving Cars

Automated Machine Studying (AutoML) is sizzling in AI. Getty Suppose you can develop an AI software with out having to carry a finger. To a point that’s the objective of Automated Machine Studying, generally known as AutoML, which consists of … Read more

Aurora Partners With Toyota on Self-Driving Sienna Taxis

Autonomous driving startup Aurora introduced on Tuesday that it has scored a partnership with Toyota to construct self-driving taxis primarily based on the Toyota Sienna minivan. Aurora says it is aiming to have a fleet of Sienna prototypes prepared for testing … Read more

The Autonomous Saildrone Surveyor Preps for Its Sea Voyage

In the event you occur to be crossing the San Francisco Bay or Golden Gate bridges this week, search for an enormous surfboard with a crimson sail on prime cruising slowly throughout the water. Don’t flinch for those who don’t … Read more