Eggs reveal what may happen to brain on impact

WASHINGTON, January 19, 2021 — What causes brain concussions? Is it direct translational or rotational impact? This is one of the research areas currently being explored by Qianhong Wu’s lab at Villanova University. Our brains consist of soft matter bathed … Read more

New biomaterials can be ‘fine-tuned’ for medical applications

Researchers in the UK and the United States have succeeded in ‘fine tuning’ a new thermoplastic biomaterial to enable both the rate at which it degrades in the body and its mechanical properties to be controlled independently. The material, a … Read more

Physical virology shows the dynamics of virus reproduction

The reproductive cycle of viruses requires self-assembly, maturation of virus particles and, after infection, the release of genetic material into a host cell. New physics-based technologies allow scientists to study the dynamics of this cycle and may eventually lead to … Read more

Math permits customized preparations of liquid ‘nesting dolls’

Whereas the mesmerizing blobs in a basic lava lamp could seem magical, the colourful shapes transfer in response to temperature-induced adjustments in density and floor rigidity. This course of, generally known as liquid-liquid part separation, is important to many features … Read more