Understanding the spatial and temporal dimensions of landscape dynamics

The Earth’s surface is subject to continual changes that dynamically shape natural landscapes. Global phenomena like climate change play a role, as do short-term, local events of natural or human origin. The 3D Geospatial Data Processing (3DGeo) research group of … Read more

Watch: Recycled cotton becomes new fabric

Lots of us recycle our previous textiles, however few of us know that they’re very troublesome to re-use, and infrequently find yourself in landfills anyway. Now, researchers at Lund College in Sweden have developed a technique that converts cotton into … Read more

Border Disputes Threaten Climate Science in the Himalayas

Molden remembers how dangerous blood nearly thwarted a key program involving the sharing of water knowledge. In that occasion, he says, a global workforce of scientists had gathered in Nepal, at ICIMOD headquarters, when one scientist claimed—with out proof—that knowledge … Read more

Post-wildfire landslides becoming more frequent in southern California

American Geophysical Union U.S. Geological Survey Joint Release WASHINGTON–Southern California can now expect to see post-wildfire landslides occurring almost every year, with major events expected roughly every ten years, a new study finds. The results show Californians are now facing … Read more

The risks of communicating extreme climate forecasts

For decades, climate change researchers and activists have used dramatic forecasts to attempt to influence public perception of the problem and as a call to action on climate change. These forecasts have frequently been for events that might be called … Read more

Did an Ancient Magnetic Field Reversal Cause Chaos for Life on Earth 42,000 Years Ago? | Smart News

People at the moment take Earth’s magnetic North Pole with no consideration. However over the course of the planet’s historical past, the course of its magnetic subject has shifted. A brand new examine means that the final time the sphere … Read more

Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space

The environmental impacts of removing dingoes from the landscape are visible from space, a new UNSW Sydney study shows. The study, recently published in Landscape Ecology, pairs 32 years’ worth of satellite imagery with site-based field research on both sides … Read more

Alaska thunderstorms may triple with climate change

Warming temperatures will potentially alter the climate in Alaska so profoundly later this century that the number of thunderstorms will triple, increasing the risks of widespread flash flooding, landslides, and lightning-induced wildfires, new research finds. In a pair of new … Read more

For selenium in rivers, timing matters

Selenium contamination of freshwater ecosystems is an ongoing environmental health problem around the world. A naturally occurring trace element, selenium levels are high in some geologic formations like sedimentary shales that form much of the bedrock in the Western United … Read more