How to do a group FaceTime video or voice call on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

You can start a group FaceTime and make calls with up to 32 other Apple devices. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac associates can all hop on the same group FaceTime calls. FaceTime is exclusively an Apple app, so PC … Read more

How to use Slide to Type on iPhone

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It takes some getting used to, however should you dislike typing on an iPhone, you possibly can slide your finger throughout the keyboard to enter textual content as an alternative. Apple is oddly inconsistent over what this useful typing characteristic … Read more

How to type faster on iPhone with built-in text expansion

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Utilizing simply what comes with iOS 14, you possibly can faucet a few keys and have commonly-used phrases, phrases, and account numbers be typed out for you routinely. Typing on an iPhone has at all times been simpler than on … Read more