google: Australia news media ”large and small” discuss Google deals – Latest News

Google was quickly negotiating generous deals with big and small Australian media companies to pay for news as the Parliament considers forcing digital giants into such agreements, a minister said on Wednesday. Seven West Media on Monday became the largest … Read more

OpenAI and Stanford researchers call for urgent action to address harms of large language models like GPT-3

The makers of enormous language fashions like Google and OpenAI could not have lengthy to set requirements that sufficiently handle their influence on society. Open supply initiatives at present aiming to recreate GPT-3 embody GPT-Neo, a project headed by EleutherAI. … Read more

Metamaterial tiles boost sensitivity of large telescopes

WASHINGTON — A multi-institutional group of researchers has developed new metamaterial tiles that can assist enhance the sensitivity of telescopes being constructed on the preeminent Simons Observatory in Chile. The tiles have been included into receivers that shall be deployed … Read more

Numerical model gives scientists a new tool for estimating the magnitudes of large explosive eruptions occurring thousands of years ago. — ScienceDaily

A geosciences team led by the University of South Florida (USF) has developed a new way to reconstruct the sizes of volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago, creating a first-of-its kind tool that can aid scientists in understanding … Read more