New experiences enhance learning by resetting key brain circuit

A examine of spatial studying in mice exhibits that publicity to new experiences dampens established representations within the mind’s hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, permitting the mice to study new navigation methods. The examine, revealed in Nature, was supported by the … Read more

Learning by observation reduces cognitive bias, research suggests

Research from the Business School (formerly Cass) suggests that observing others’ decision-making can teach human beings to make better decisions themselves. The research, co-authored by Professor Irene Scopelliti, Professor of Marketing and Behavioural Science, tested the effectiveness of a new … Read more

Teaching pupils empathy measurably improves their creative abilities

Teaching children in a way that encourages them to empathise with others measurably improves their creativity, and could potentially lead to several other beneficial learning outcomes, new research suggests. The findings are from a year-long University of Cambridge study with … Read more