Why machine learning strategies fail

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New experiences enhance learning by resetting key brain circuit

A examine of spatial studying in mice exhibits that publicity to new experiences dampens established representations within the mind’s hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, permitting the mice to study new navigation methods. The examine, revealed in Nature, was supported by the … Read more

Proposed framework could reduce energy consumption of federated learning

Fashionable machine studying programs eat huge quantities of vitality. In truth, it’s estimated that coaching a big mannequin can generate as a lot carbon dioxide as the whole lifetime of 5 vehicles. The impression might worsen with the emergence of … Read more

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Is Hot In AI, But Getting A Cooler Reception For Self-Driving Cars

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How reinforcement learning chooses the ads you see

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The Pandemic Holds These Keys to a Better Education

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Study shows that federated learning can lead to reduced carbon emissions

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