Variable compensation and salesperson health

Researchers from College of Houston and College of Bochum printed a brand new paper within the Journal of Advertising that examines how variable compensation plans for salespeople can result in decrease well being. The research, forthcoming within the Journal of … Read more

The (robotic) doctor will see you now

CAMBRIDGE, MA — In the era of social distancing, using robots for some health care interactions is a promising way to reduce in-person contact between health care workers and sick patients. However, a key question that needs to be answered … Read more

Higher income predicts feelings such as pride and confidence

People with better incomes tend to feel prouder, more confident and less afraid than people with lower incomes, but not necessarily more compassionate or loving, according to research submitted by the American Psychological Association. In a study of data from … Read more

Study highlights pitfalls associated with ‘cybervetting’ job candidates

A recent study of how human resources professionals review online information and social media profiles of job candidates highlights the ways in which so-called “cybervetting” can introduce bias and moral judgment into the hiring process. “The study drives home that … Read more

Under 55’s found lockdown most challenging, finds survey

A UK extensive survey of 2252 adults, carried out 5 weeks into the primary lockdown revealed 95% of those that took half had been following lockdown restrictions. Of that 95% greater than 80% reported discovering it difficult. Adjusting to adjustments … Read more

Education, interest in alternative medicine associated with believing misinformation

While many people believe misinformation on Facebook and Twitter from time to time, people with lower education or health literacy levels, a tendency to use alternative medicine or a distrust of the health care system are more likely to believe … Read more

Computer training to reduce trauma symptoms

Pc coaching utilized along with psychotherapy can probably assist scale back the signs of post-traumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD). These are the outcomes discovered by researchers from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and their collaborating companions in a randomised managed scientific trial with 80 … Read more

Could post-COVID-19 tourists become less adventurous?

Our deep-rooted survival instinct for disease avoidance could make us less willing to embrace strangers and take foreign travel risks. “We wanted to look beyond the current crisis and consider the future psyche of the post-COVID-19 traveller,” says Associate Professor … Read more